Sabaf Group supports its workers


The Sabaf Group has always paid particular attention to its employees. The last few weeks have weighed heavily on all workers and for this reason the Group has deliberated activities to support its workers in this difficult moment. Even before the lock-down, the multinational had stipulated an insurance coverage against the Covid-19 emergency which provides for indemnities for hospitalization and for the convalescence phase in favor of its employees. An initiative to which a contribution of 200 euros has been added that will be paid to approximately 650 collaborators. In this way, the company intends to support and concretely reward its workers who in these difficult weeks have ensured, with their commitment, the continuity of the activities. “Cohesion is the most precious asset to overcome this emergency – said Pietro Iotti, CEO of Sabaf S.p.A. -. In addition to guaranteeing the conditions for working in safety, it is our duty today to promote initiatives that feed the spirit of collaboration and belonging to our professional community, supporting and thanking our collaborators with concrete actions. This spirit will be decisive to successfully face the challenges of the future”.


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