Focus on professional “cleaning”


We would have liked to leave Covid-19 behind us, but the way is still long: because a vaccine is not available, yet, but also owing to various Governments’ uncertainties in the actions to be undertaken and individuals’ not always responsible behaviour.

Therefore, the special of our review dedicated to professional “cleaning” maintains its unavoidable topicality because the sector goes on fighting the pandemic in the forefront, considering that cleaning and sanitization are fundamental elements (in addition to social distancing) to avoid the contagion diffusion.

The focus proposed by HA this month, containing speeches of general kind and business witnesses, provides the most updated picture about the “State of the Art” of this sector, which involves work environments, supermarkets, bars and restaurants, schools of all levels and health structures.

It is fundamental, in fact, the meaning of sanitization, compared to “simple cleaning” is clear. The segment offers a broad range of professional cleaning machines purposely tested for the emergency in course for months and specifically designed to operate in preventive sanitization ambit like contexts of occurred Covid-19 ascertainment.

Our readers will have then the opportunity of being informed about the best technological innovations in professional cleaning ambit, since this sector has nowadays become central for the quality of individual life. A concept widely spread also before but, owing to the pandemic, it has undergone an undisputed acceleration.

The hope is to go on cleaning and sanitizing better and better, by a productive world in exponential growth, but hoping to get out of the emergency soon.


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