New Bosch induction hob with integrated hood


The new Bosch induction hob Series 4 PIE631B15E with integrated hood can be installed practically in any kitchen. Thanks to the intuitive control panel, with TouchSelect it is possible to select the cooking zones and set the desired power level, directly and quickly. Furthermore, the Quick Start and Restart functions make cooking even easier: when the induction hob is switched on it automatically selects the area where the pot has been positioned and, before being switched off, it memorizes the cooking settings which will then be restarted. Other pluses of the product are: PowerBoost, Count-down timer to switch off the cooking zones at the end of the set time, AutoOn function (the ventilation system switches on automatically, with 3 electronically controlled power levels). Finally, the hob has the CombiZone function to combine two cooking zones into one.