Demak FomexOne: an e-book made available by the company


Demak covers Home Appliances market with its FomexOne line, providing a turnkey solution which includes machines and resins for gasketing and sealing. FomexOne is a cost-effective solution engineered and manufactured in Italy which guarantee a fully automated FIPFG with a great adhesion to different materials and protection against dust and moisture.

FomexOne machines are available in 3 shapes depending on productivity needs. Its chemical formula has been developed with different types of hardnesses which adapt to every shape and can be dispensed on flat or inclined surfaces as well as into grooves. To discover more about FomexOne FIPFG solutions, Demak has published on their new website an e-book available at this link.

Demak Group has also recently announced the release of its brand-new website. Completely re-designed in its look, it has been conceived to become a useful tool for everyone looking for potting solutions in the different industries the Group serves. Its structure looks easy to browse when looking for resin dispensing equipment, resin systems or consultancy on potting projects.