Haier Europe launched the Venture Building Project “Open Enterprise”

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Haier launched Haier Europe Open Enterprise, a Venture Building Project through which the company aims to expand its ecosystem with the engagement of scale-ups and high growth potential companies. Haier Europe aims to provide an increasingly connected and AI-driven user experience: Open Enterprise will contribute to the pursuit of this goal through investments in scale-ups and companies operating in segments related to Haier Europe’s core activities, while simultaneously supporting entrepreneurial projects developed within the Group. The aim is to encourage the creation of an ecosystem oriented towards finding new solutions in smart home appliances, targeting future-oriented initiatives with high potential impact. Open Enterprise will focus on six different business areas, namely IoT-enabled business models applicable to durable goods; services, platforms and solutions for automation in the Smart Home; solutions for the Smart Kitchen; digital platforms for scalability in home and personal services; products that can leverage Haier Europe’s industrial and commercial capabilities; and AI applications for consumer use cases.