IFA 2022: LG launched Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare


LG Electronics focuses on the at-home shoe care experience with the introduction of LG Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare at IFA 2022. Equipped with the TrueSteam technology, LG’s solution offers innovative, customized shoe management, collection and storage to enable new daily lifestyles. “As the culture of collecting expensive designer, luxury and limited-edition sneakers grows among the MZ generation – Millennials and Gen Z – LG’s internal research found that these ‘sneakerheads’ would benefit greatly from a solution that not only made their cherished shoes stand out more, but also provided them with the optimal care”, the company comments. LG Styler ShoeCase with transparent panels is a space-friendly solution for shoe storage and showcasing shoes. “In addition to creating the ideal environment for storing shoes by protecting against humidity and fabric-discoloring UV light – LG explains –, the Styler ShoeCase represents a great way for shoe enthusiasts to show-off their favorite pairs, offering interior features such as a 360-degree rotating turntable and a modular design that makes it possible to stack up to four cases on top of one another”. LG Styler ShoeCare employs the TrueSteam technology to deliver a “refreshing” shoe management experience. It also leverages the Zeo-Dry filter’s absorbent properties of zeolite to soak up moisture and help remove smells from footwear. Moreover, LG Styler ShoeCare optimizes the management of various shoe types, including leather, suede and sports footwear, with its 10 different courses. Depending on the type and fabric of the shoe, it controls the use of TrueSteam to refresh the shoe. The product can refresh up to four pairs of shoes in only 37 minutes (standard course) while operating at just 35 decibels. The solution also boasts the multiple Moving Nozzle, which dry out the insides of the shoes being refreshed and can be effortlessly adjusted according to the height of each pair. And, courtesy of the Dual Care System feature, users can clean two different types of shoes (with different fabric care needs) at the same time. Finally, users can access a range of services for the LG Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare via the ThinQ app. The app lets users remotely control and monitor the Styler ShoeCase and ShoeCare: LG is also partnering with various lifestyle brands to bring new features and functions to its shoe care appliances, which will be made available via the ThinQ apps’ Upgrade Center.