CISP convention on “Porcelain Enamel: programmed immortality”


Next Friday 21st  October, at the University of Trento (Department of Economics and Management), they will held the Convention “Porcelain Enamel: programmed immortality” by CISP, in the ambit of the Italian centre’s yearly meeting. The Convention has obtained the sponsorship of the Order of Engineers of Trento (3 CFP) and of the Order of Architects of Trento (4 CFP).
The theme of the Convention is the use of Porcelain Enamel, inorganic coating of steel (but also of cast iron, aluminium and other materials), in the sectors of architecture, building industry, urban furniture, roads and tunnels. Important, not only for an aesthetical appeal that cannot be compared to other coatings, but also and especially for safety matters, being an anti-corrosion, fireproof and non-toxic material.
They will deal with all technical aspects linked with the nature of the material, its production and industrial application and the potential connected with its countless positive features: durability, resistance to corrosion and to atmospheric agents, chemical resistance, graffiti resistance, resistance to UV light, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, resistance to thermal shocks, fire resistance, hygiene, wide range of colours and decorative possibilities and effects. Moreover, they will provide practical examples of applications in Italy and abroad.
The Convention will be attended by entrepreneurs, managers and technical figures of the sector, besides the association representatives, to allow a direct dialogue and an immediate networking opportunity.