SEACE inaugurates its SmartHome in Naples


Samsung SmartHome arrives in Naples with a high-tech location of 150 square meters that aims to reproduce a new generation home environment that is efficient, connected and equipped with the latest innovations in air conditioning products and more. This space was designed by the Italian branch of Samsung Electronics Air Conditioner Europe (SEACE) in collaboration with Klimatica, a Samsung commercial agency for over 30 years. SmartHome was created to illustrate product developments and new technologies: it is aimed at designers, builders, plant engineers, installers, architects, all professionals in the design of heating and cooling systems, and more generally at the HVAC sector. The different areas of the SmartHome are designed like the spaces of a home. Fundamental is the concept of “connected living“: SmartThings, Samsung’s open ecosystem that allows user to control the home through a single app, synchronizes all connected devices for a smarter lifestyle. SmartThings includes five programs: Home Care, Clothing Care, Pet Care, Cooking and Energy which offers the possibility to monitor and manage the compatible devices to control their consumption and more. In addition, at the SmartHome it will be possible to access the training center of the Klimatica agency which, among the other things, offers preparatory courses for obtaining the F-Gas certification. Furthermore, for the operators of the sector, courses in the air conditioning and heating field will be available with the latest updates on the products that are the protagonists of the connected home.