HOST 2023 | ARC (Sabaf Group) unveils its new burners


ARC, a brand of Sabaf Group, is unveiling its new products at Host 2023. In particular, a series of burners equipped with a highly innovative solution for which the company has filed a patent application and which is being presented to customers as a world premiere. Furthermore, the company offers professionals the evolution of a series of burners resulting from years of research. First of all, the Series 102 burners which have had an important technical update that combines efficiency and power. Versatility is also important: the 102 Series adapts to any context including modular kitchens, satisfying the needs of a luxury restaurant or a hotel kitchen. It is a mid-range product, characterized by competitive prices and high efficiency. The other novelty is an expansion of the 65 Series: these burners evolve by enriching themselves with a new DCC-PRO version, i.e. a single burner with adjustable power in a range from 1 kW to 13 kW. It is a high-end product designed for chefs who wish to have all the functions of a “simmer” burner (at very low power to be able to cook on a very low flame or to keep the already cooked food at a controlled temperature), combined with a very powerful burner that allows user to prepare large quantities of food. A proposal to satisfy very demanding customers.