HOST 2023 | Digitalization and sustainability in LaCimbali’s new solutions


At Host 2023 LaCimbali presents two world previews that will be added to the range of its solutions. As regards to the traditional models, the past – marked by the iconic M39 and its restyling – gives way to a new traditional coffee machine: the M40 model. In addition to renewing LaCimbali’s mid-tier range and guaranteeing maximum performance, this passing of the baton concretely responds to environmental and functional needs with particular attention to sustainability and energy saving.

M40 coffee machine

As regards to the fully automatic family, LaCimbali introduces a new solution with compact dimensions, designed for small spaces.
Besides, the company considers a more integrated approach to business, in which the focus is no longer just the espresso machine but above all the value-added services that a professional or coffee lover purchases when choosing a product. “A diverse range of solutions for segments offering espresso machines (traditional and fully automatic), grinderdosers, digital services (apps for professionals and enthusiasts) and accessories – the company explains –. From today we provide customers with specific and complete solutions for the needs of each segment and each professional. Products with high technical performance together with digital services that facilitate baristas’ daily work and support professionals in developing their business”. At its booth the company allows visitors to discover the machines which, thanks to their design, technology and performance, are suited for the following contexts: office coffee service, quick service restaurants, international chains and traditional coffee shops.
LaCimbali proposes also its grinders: Elective (a grinderdoser with a compact design, balanced hopper, 4.3” touch display and motor equipped with a low-energy inverter for consistent quality performance over time), G20 (this grinder was created to prepare drinks that require particular attention, such as specialty blends or single origins, DEKA and filter preparations), and G50 (this grinder, available in a “Basic” version with manual adjustment and “Premium” version with automatic adjustment, ensures constant and precise performance even under high workloads).

G50 grinder with automatic adjustment

In addition, through the interactive stations positioned in the various areas of the booth the visitors are able to learn about the digital services developed by LaCimbali. The digital projects include: the new version of the “CUP4YOU” app for order management; “LaCimbali Project” app to independently and remotely manage the traditional machines; the “Art In Coffee” analysis platform for data processing, and the “Global Remote Service Program” for remote assistance on fully automatic machines (in collaboration with TeamViewer).
Finally, also the MUMAC Academy (Cimbali Group’s coffee academy) will be present at the booth with “It’s Only Roast ‘N’ Brew (But I Like It)”, the format during which roasters will tell their story and philosophy at the helm of LaCimbali M200 and Elective.