HOST 2023 | Carpigiani’s machines at the service of food retail entrepreneurs

Lab-O-Chef 5

A diversified range of solutions has characterized Carpigiani‘s exhibition at Host 2023. For artisanal gelato shops, the focus has been on energy savings with models from the HE – High Efficiency line, while the latest technological development is SyNthesis, the modular system for adding fresh artisanal gelato to any food retail format. For pastry shops and restaurants, a special area in the booth has been equipped for cooking shows where machines from the range have been used, including the new Lab-O-Chef 5 multifunction machine, a countertop solution with customizable programs designed for pastry and kitchen chefs who can use it to produce creams, jams, gelato, bechamel, and other hot and cold recipes. The area dedicated to Soft Serve & Shakes has featured machines from the K line dedicated to shakes, with the new compact, versatile 161 K SP for those with low production volumes. Besides, the company has proposed special events and the opportunity to get in touch with 2 new courses from Carpigiani Gelato University. Finally, additional novelties have consisted of discovering Carpigiani’s E-Shop and Blockchain Technology, the advanced control system that allows owners to keep track of the amount of mix poured into the machine minimizing waste and correlating costs with what users actually use.