HOST 2023 | The intelligent technology of Unox CHEFTOP-X


CHEFTOP-X by Unox, among the winners of the Smart Label – Host Innovation Award, is a professional gas or electric high-performance combi oven equipped with a state-of-the-art operating system and intelligent technology designed to handle any gastronomy, pastry and bakery cooking process. With its GN 1/1 and GN 2/1 trays, it is suitable for any type of business. CHEFTOP-X is available in the 6-tray or 10-tray versions. The oven presents a built-in microphone to allow voice control, making it possible to use the machine even with full hands. Moreover, it takes advantage of an optical sensor and artificial intelligence to scan and recognize food and start automatically cooking programs. Thanks to the ENERGY STAR certification and the automatic washing system with recirculation, CHEFTOP-X ensures energy and water savings. Additional help in consumption reduction is given by its most advanced AI features such as the SMART.Energy function which gives helpful energy savings tips to professionals. In addition, the operating system Digital.ID has an advanced interface and allows the oven to ask for users’ feedback and learn from them how to optimize cooking performances. The high-definition display is designed to improve users’ experience and to enable remote assistance directly through the oven panel. The interactive panel is customizable and comes with a series of new widgets devised to keep preferences always in the foreground making it easier to work in the kitchen. Besides, by using the Digital.ID app users can control the oven anytime, from anywhere. Finally, the cooking chamber and the external structure are molded in 316L steel and ensure long durability while the integrated RO.Care water filtering system reduces scale formation.