First line of small domestic appliances by Haier


Haier has launched the KSDA Series 5, its first line of small domestic appliances that meets different needs: from food preparation to breakfast. The I-Master Series 5 air fryer features 9 programs, including those for slow cooking at various temperatures and yogurt. The I-Master Series 5 toaster has slots 25% wider than the market average, allowing user to insert various types of bread. And the Single-side function allows the external part of the slice to be toasted differently from the internal one. Besides, the I-Master Series 5 Multi Beverage includes kettle, milk frother, coffee maker and offers the possibility of preparing hot chocolate. In addition, the Overheat Safety Control system prevents any overheating. The series then includes the I-Master Series 5 blender (with 6 stainless steel blades, 5 speeds and AutoClean program) and the immersion blender with 3 stainless steel blades and also available in a full optional version with double whisks, chopper and potato masher. Other appliances in the line are the I-Master Series 5 kettle with touch control and 7 temperature levels and the I-Master Series 5 chopper which allows consumer to customize the mode of use by choosing whether to chop with a single or double set of blades. Finally, on the Haier hOn app the user can find advice, recipes, etc.