Cimbali Group’s new vision at Sigep 2024


At Sigep 2024, Cimbali Group shows its new vision which puts people’s needs at the center and outlines the guidelines for a more integrated business approach: the focus of the offer, in fact, is no longer just the espresso machines but also the value-added services. As regards to the LaCimbali brand, the company proposes in particular the M200 coffee machine (a top-of-the-range model that combines design, technology and sustainability) and the new M40 (a mid-range machine, made with recyclable materials for 94.4%). These are products that offer not only espresso coffee but also a large menu of milk-based drinks. Regarding the fully automatic machines, among the latest innovations from LaCimbali there are S-Lite (for the “Not Only Coffee” segment) and S15 (characterized by a touchscreen interface and a customizable menu of drinks based on coffee, fresh milk or milk powder, and soluble chocolate).

Faema President GTI

Among Faema‘s proposals, there are E71E (multitasking espresso coffee machine, which allows user to manage different coffee origins and is equipped with a dedicated ergonomic display for each of the groups) and President GTI, in which vintage and modern styles harmoniously coexist. This product, with thermo-controlled and independent groups, is able to manage the temperatures and infusion times of each type of coffee. For the Small Business segment, X Compact (the brand’s first “entry level” machine and a compact model for those looking for a self-service approach), and Faemina (designed by ItalDesign and made with a sustainable perspective) stand out. Finally, Cimbali Group is also exhibiting at Sigep the novelties of Casadio brand (Nettuno, the machine for coffee and other drinks; and the Enea grinder-doser) and Slayer brand (Espresso Single Group and Steam EP coffee machines).

The evolution of Cimbali Group is also highlighted by the various digital solutions developed to guarantee the customer a high level of service and customization. Among these, Art.IN.Coffee is a data processing platform, which allows user to obtain information on drink consumption, useful information for the energy saving, and allows to monitor the main operating parameters of the machines. Other solutions concern the management of products through apps: for example, Cup4you, via Wi-Fi connection, offers a new interaction with the fully automatic machines for an innovative experience in personalizing and ordering drinks via personal devices. The LaCimbali Project app, on the other hand, allows to remotely set the use parameters of the M200 and M40 machines (the Smart section of the app is dedicated to professionals and allows them the pairing and management of the various parameters and settings in an immediate and smart way).
Furthermore, with the BeFaema app user can remotely set the use parameters of Faemina and, through the SensoryExperience function, it is possible to carry out the sensorial analysis of the coffee, creating a recipe based on personal taste. Finally, among the latest innovations are also the Augmented Reality (useful in the pre-purchase phase of Faemina) and the cashless payment solutions.