LG fosters the next generation of HVAC innovators


LG has recently organized the Hack for Heat hackathon, inviting students to apply their ideas to three key challenges facing the HVAC industry: Hack Heat For Design (redefining HVAC design to seamlessly integrate into urban landscapes, with a focus on aesthetics, size and cost), Hack Heat For Planet (creating “zero carbon” heat pump systems while addressing aspects of the supply chain), Hack Heat For Users (crafting engaging educational content to connect with consumers and spread awareness about LG’s commitment to sustainable development solutions). The Hack for Heat finale involved six teams representing Spain, Portugal, the U.K., Hungary and France. The teams had the opportunity to present their projects to a jury comprising LG executives from various business units. The winning team has been rewarded with an all-expenses-paid trip to Seoul, where they will have the chance to immerse themselves in the local culture and enjoy a tour of LG headquarters. “Hack for Heat reveals LG’s strong commitment to innovation and firm belief in the power of young talent to shape the future of HVAC – said James Lee, head of the Air Solution Business Unit at LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company –. We are thrilled to welcome the unique ideas of these passionate, young innovators, and look forward to seeing how their contributions will transform the industry and make people’s lives better”.