Gruppo editoriale Tecniche Nuove acquires 100% of REDA


In order to expand the educational offer of the Gruppo editoriale Tecniche Nuove SpA, the acquisition of 100% of the REDA (Ramo Editoriale degli Agricoltori) company branch from the Gruppo editoriale La Scuola SpA has been finalised.

REDA is a historic brand in the production of adoption books for Technical Agricultural Institutes and Professional Agricultural Institutes. A catalogue of over 50 titles for the twenty key subjects that will train professionals in the agri-food sector, which is worth almost a third of Italy’s GDP. The catalogue is enriched by all the digital and multimedia compendiums: videos, maps, lessons, interactive exercises, webinars, tutorials and many other contents to make the training experience even richer for students and teachers. Various titles for the profession are added to the series.

«In the year celebrating the group’s 60th anniversary, we wanted to complete the educational offer by creating a connection with future readers of our information and communication platforms – says Ivo Alfonso Nardella, Chairman and CEO of Tecniche Nuove SpA –. The acquisition of the company branch is the beginning of a common path with La Scuola SpA that will see us become more and more a partner in the educational offer for high schools and technical and professional institutes in the sectors covered by the Group, first and foremost agrifood and manufacturing, which remain by far the area in which there is the greatest demand for ITS graduates with approximately 14,300 entries per year».

Ivo Alfonso Nardella, Chairman and CEO of Tecniche Nuove SpA

«I am very satisfied with this operation – says Giorgio Riva, CEO of Gruppo La Scuola SpA – which will see the strengthening of the educational offer in the agri-food sector, thanks to the skills of Gruppo Tecniche Nuove, and the promotion and distribution of REDA products thanks to the sales network of Gruppo La Scuola. The partnership will also allow the development of further initiatives in disciplinary areas, starting from the competences and leadership positions of the two Groups».

About REDA
Founded in the 1930s, REDA represented and still represents a point of reference for students, operators, technicians and scholars in the agricultural and agri-food sector.
It is recognised for having published the monumental work “Enciclopedia Agraria”, published in 12 volumes, and the “Manuale dell’Agronomo”, the legendary “Tassinari”, a study and work tool for entire generations since 1941, still in the catalogue with its constantly updated versions. An innovative and constantly growing technical-educational production that broadens its horizons beyond the agro-environmental and territorial sphere. The REDA catalogue will continue to be distributed and promoted by Gruppo Editoriale La Scuola SpA.
About Gruppo La Scuola SpA
The Gruppo Editoriale La Scuola is one of the leading players in the world of schools, from infancy to primary schools to first and second grade secondary schools, with a significant editorial production aimed at teachers and students and is strongly committed to pedagogical-didactic innovation and teacher training activities. The Group originates from Editrice La Scuola, founded in Brescia in 1904 and dedicated from the beginning to the world of education. In fact, education has always been the foundation and mission of the Group’s activities, carried out with full awareness of the responsibility of participating in the training process of millions of students every day. It is present in the Italian education sector with its own brands: Editrice Piccoli, Nicola Milano Editore, Eurelle Edizioni, Signum Scuola. In Italy it also exclusively distributes the Cappello editore, Elledici Scuola, Cosmo Iannone Editore and, for foreign languages, Hachette FLE, Trinity Whitebridge, Edinumen and Cambridge (for primary school) brands.
About Gruppo Tecniche Nuove
Gruppo Tecniche Nuove, with around 300 employees and over €65 million in turnover, is a leader in specialised publishing, for manufacturing and professional activities in the Manufacturing, Healthcare, Architecture-Design, Building-Engineering, Agriculture-Farming, Horeca and Retail sectors.
With over 147 publishing platforms, Gruppo Tecniche Nuove has been operating in B2B communication for 60 years, training and informing companies and professionals.
1,500 books in the catalogue, 550,000 copies distributed monthly, 1,450,000 monthly contacts and almost 250,000 visitors attending the group’s trade fairs and conferences in a year represent the strength of the culture and professional updating of the country system.