MCE 2024 | C.A.E.M. shows its know-how of almost 60 years


The wide range of C.A.E.M. products is the result of an almost sixty year long history. The Italian company brings its know-how to MCE 2024, with an offering of solutions that ranges across various areas: production of electric thermostats with copper or stainless steel bulb and capillary; stuffing-boxes; boxed thermostats for heating; single or bipolar safety thermostats; adjustable thermostats for heating and household appliances. Besides, the company operates in the production of pressure switches and sensing elements with diaphragms or bellows filled with liquid or gas. “Visiting C.A.E.M. booth – the company says – means getting to know an Italian company that combines family tradition and continuous search for quality with technological innovation and attention to the customer”.