The difficult time of semiconductors


HA_NL_SEMICONDIn the third 2014 quarter, Samsung group witnessed the 31% reduction of its sales of semiconductors. This has caused the 9% decrease compared to the corresponding 2013 period for the global turnover of the Group. To overcome the crisis, mainly deriving from the downturn of the processor market as well as from the direct competition of the Chinese Xiaomi, Samsung intends to start a reorganization plan. First phase of all that will be the drastic team reduction in the design centre of Sophia-Antipolis, in Southern France, from the current 110 to only 20 skilled specialists.

“Mors tua vita mea” is the old Latin saying. The troubles of the Korean Samsung are counterbalanced by the excellent result of its competitor SK Hynix, coming from the same Country, which in the third 2014 quarter registered the 6% rise versus the third 2013 quarter, reaching 4.1 billion US dollars. The net profit has reached one billion dollars, with the almost 25% incidence on the turnover. The most successful products were flash Nand, whose sales have grown by a good 26%; less brilliant, but anyway still positive the sales of Dram, with + 7%.