Do a good deed: recycle!


ERPItalia_Natale2015And if Christmas this year, as well as make us better people, made us more eco-conscious? Erp Italia, collective system that manages the collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment and batteries and photovoltaic modules exhausted,  suggests the system to contribute to a sustainable Christmas and invites you to devote to properly recycle the small and large appliances and electronic devices that will be replaced by gifts, so that they can find a new life.

From the collection and proper treatment of cell phones, computers, televisions, microwave ovens, washing machines or toaster next to be replaced with new equipment, in fact, you can get secondary raw materials used in the production cycle instead of virgin raw materials, resulting in a significant savings on the consumption of resources and energy.

Just think of aluminum, iron and steel obtained from household appliances and 100% recycled iron and steel, or glass coming from the old CRT televisions and monitors, that is 100% recycled for additives used in the production of floors fittings, adhesives, resins, and quality paints, or even to the plastic, which is born in the form of pipes and conduits for the building both in the production of bitumens for asphalt and waterproofing covers.

Finally disposable batteries and rechargeable batteries contain metals, which if properly treated, can be recovered and reused to 100%, including steel, iron, and manganese dioxide widely used in the steel industry.