Hoover AXI now features Amazon Dash Replenishment


Hoover AXI, washing machine with Artificial Intelligence, now features Amazon Dash Replenishment, so customers can simply activate Dash Replenishment and rely on Amazon to automatically deliver products when more are needed: owners can simply set up Dash Replenishment through Hoover Wizard App using their Amazon account, and then select the detergent they want to automatically reorder. AXI will then measure how much detergent has been used by counting wash cycles, and automatically reorder the selected products when supplies are running low. The innovative features of AXI enable the user to control the washing machine thanks to the Hoover Wizard App, with the simple use of voice thanks to voice services such as Alexa, fully compatible with AXI. The appliance, thanks to the assisted washing program, suggests the most appropriate washing for any type of fabric, and can also memorize the washings preferred by users, making the selection of the program quicker and easier every day, while the geolocation technology checks the weather forecast to understand what is the best time to wash, making sure that the time needed to dry the laundry is preserved. The premium features of AXI include the Care Dose, the automatic dosage of detergent and softener up to 21 washing cycles, together with the Total Care function, a perfect emulsion of water and detergent which is released into the drum by penetrating the fibers of the clothes effectively, guaranteeing an excellent class A certified wash. “Hoover aims to propose and launch products able to innovate and improve customers experience towards smart living and smart home experience – declared Piergiorgio Bonfiglioli, Connectivity Director, Haier Europe -. With AXI we are launching on the market a smart product able to represent the evolution of his connected appliance and teaming with a remarkable partner like Amazon to offer an intelligent product that also ranks in the excellence of the sector for his energy class and high sustainability rate”.


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